In Limbo- A short horror film.

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​Gillian Gold was an investigative journalist who disappeared on the 4/11/12. We are currently making a documentary about her work, we will continue to search for the truth about her disappearance and resolve the mystery about her present whereabouts.

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Vanished Film, #whoisigilliangold

Our new Shortfilm, the prequel film to Vanished Film is now in preproduction. Don't Follow The Light is a new Indie horror film based on a ghost haunting urban myth that centres around a once used tunnel.The tunnel connected a now disused quarry and the local railway and is said to be haunted by the ghost of a missing quarryman. The film introduces the character of Gillian Gold (Banksy of Journalism)

A local girl awakes in hospital unaware of the shocking events of the night before. Terrified by the unfolding supernatural events unfolding around her, she escapes hospital and goes into hiding. Can Gillian with the help of a local psychic find the missing girl and help prevent another death, and another victim of the vengeful quarryman. 

Vanished Film

The Telephone Short Film

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Don't Follow The Light - Short Film

The Viewer- coming soon

nine ladies film