Nine ladies film

award ‚Äčwinning production COMPANY

Nine Ladies Film was created in 2015. The company was established to create a new style of psychological horror film. In July 2015 In Limbo, the first of a trilogy of short films was made. In Limbo went onto be shown at a number of film festivals around the world, and during this time the film won Best film, Audience award and best actor accolades. The second film The Telephone was shot in March 2016 and was released in Sept 2017, The Telephone once again exceeded our expectations and continues to please and win awards on the film festival circuit. To present the film as won Best film, Best actor, Best Production Design, Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography and Best Music at film festivals around the world. With this in mind Nine Ladies took the decision to produce two linked films.  Don't Follow the Light and Vanished are both a teaser short film and feature film scheduled to be shot in 2018.  They continue the vain of Indie Horror, and working with core crew and cast that as been built up over the last three years. The company is taking on the challenge of producing their first feature film.

 It is hoped that the teaser film Don't Follow The Light will be completed for late 2018, and the feature film Vanished will be ready for it's first audience in late 2019.