Cast and Crew

Director: Oisin MacCoille 
Producer: Bern Deegan 

Associate Producer: Stuart Wheeldon


Liam: Paul Ronan
Mickey: Bern Deegan 
Jack: Bosco Hogan 
Eamon: Karl Shiels
Martin: Anthony Morris
Dancer:  Sophie Ambrey 
Barman: Keith Belmont


Writer: Damien Aulsberry 
D.O.P. Kamil Krawczak 
Lighting: Brian O'Maolallan
Sound: Dave Carroll
              Rory Flynn
Makeup: Ewa Doszczak 
Camera assistant: Niamh Kennedy
Assistant to the producder: Nathan McCormack 
Storyboard artist: Alison Regan. 
Financial controller: Ultan Kelly. 
Set design: Silvie Bruick


The head of a notorious crime gang gives his right hand man an ultimatum: convince his son to take over the family business or kill him. His life or his best friend's. Kill or be killed.

Family Business- short film

A Co-Production with Oronte Films.

‚Äčnine ladies film