We are pleased to announce Paul Dewdney in the role of Dr Childs.


Vanished and Don't Follow The Light

We pleased to announce Nigel Barber in the role of Dr Williams.


We are pleased to announce Lana O'Kell in the role of Gillian Gold.


The upcoming short teaser film,  Don't Follow The Light is the prequel indie horror film and teaser film for a planned feature film entitled Vanished. (www.vanishedfilm.org)

The film follows the story of Jessica, who awakes with no memory in a local hospital. She is been held under the mental health act, as when discovered, she was holding a knife, a knife that was the weapon in a murder. Local myth buster Dr Childs calls in the help of Gillian Gold, a infamous journalist known as the Banksy of journalism. With her help, can Gillian help uncover the mystery of a number of disappearances and deaths that are linked to a local ghost legend. Can she help uncover the truth behind who Jessica is and hold the key to her suggested guilt.                  


We are pleased to announce Dilly Evans-Smith in the role of Jessica.