Starman IMDB page

The plot follows the journey of homeless ex-paratrooper Mark and his bid to survive. His chance encounter with local woman Lisa helps him to realise his final mission: that of returning to his extra-terrestrial roots. 

His growing relationship with Lisa, which can go no further than friendship, urges the viewer to question the modern rise of wholesale prejudice and spurious charity. The film is also an indictment of the plastics epidemic, food wastage, the misjudgement and treatment of others, and the ability of the human soul to survive amid conflict. Religion is also touched upon as a possibly discarded unit of humanity. 

Lisa’s drive to know more about Mark comes at an opportune moment following the reveal of her husband’s affair. Her intention to find a new life leads her to want to share in Mark’s mysterious future. However, Mark’s singular want throughout the film is to make contact with ‘the others’. Success in doing so heralds the arrival of his own kind and the start of a journey which he alone must make. 

Lisa is distraught at his departure but is left with the means (if not the capability) to join Mark in time. Although her life is as dented as everyone else’s, Lisa takes from her encounter with Mark an inspired view of her future. The essence of survival is never far away.

The film is written by Nick John Whittle and Stuart Wheeldon

Directed by Stuart Wheeldon

Music By Alastair Marshall