Agent 17 must make one last Final Contact. Will he complete his mission and become one of the top 50 collectors.
Final Contact is a short film, made as part of the Derby Film Festival 2017, Five Lamps 24 hr film challenge.
The film was produced by Nine Ladies Film
The film was written, directed and edited by Stuart Wheeldon
Music by Jordan Frater
Starring Dom Martinovs and Jennifer Whitmore

Dreamscape film was completed in 48hrs in June 2016
The film explores the the fantasy of dreams, and the reoccurring nightmare of an unnamed man,
The film stars Bern Deegan. 
Music by Jordan Frater
Directed and Edited by Stuart Wheeldon

A short experimental film which explores the 48hrs leading up to and after a murder. The film explores the psychological effects of the event seen through the eyes of the perpetrator.
The film stars Bern Deegan and Rachel Prince. The film was written and directed by Stuart Wheeldon.
The film was shoot on location in Wirksworth, Derbyshire in Dec 2015.